Hello, I'm Justine Geberdt.


I’m your friendly neighborhood instructor here at Badass Birth Academy. I am a boy mom, a spreadsheet enthusiast, an ice cream addict, a self-professed birth nerd, and I am not a vegetarian. In my down-time you can find me watching bad television (like, shows that are way too embarrassing to admit), hanging out with my sister, and failing pretty hardcore at pub trivia.


My Story


I’ve been a birth doula for over a decade and have attended 100+ births, mostly in a hospital setting. It’s my experience as a doula that has powered me with all the info that I provide to you in my digital course. Plus, I’ve mastered a mean hip squeeze (trust me, it feels good) over the years.
In addition to my hip-squeeze credentials, I have a doula training certificate from CAPPA and a B.Sc. from the University of Guelph. You can learn more about my birth doula services over at Love the Bump.
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