Get Ready for Labor with an Interactive Childbirth Class that Doesn't Read Like a Boring Textbook

Without the granola, sugar-coating or fear mongering. Pants optional.

Badass Birth Academy gets real about what's coming, while arming you with the confidence and tools you need to know that you got this. You’ll get all the benefits of your local prenatal class, without the awkward small talk. Plus you'll be able to get educated on your own time without having to leave your house.

This course is for you if...

You're Feeling Unprepared

You might be sitting there wondering what the heck you've gotten yourself into! Don't worry, I will fill you in on all your options, give you coping strategies and prepare the crap out of you.

You Like to Keep it Real

You’re the type of person who wants to hear it like it is. You don’t need any extra sugar coating or fluff. This course is all about telling it like it is. The ring of fire? Yeah, that’s a thing we'll talk about.

You Don’t Dig Fear

Sure, you want to know about the difficult stuff, but you don’t want to be scared shitless, either. After this course, you’ll walk away knowing the challenge ahead, but thinking “I got this”.

At the end of this course, you will have...

  • a handle on what childbirth actually feels like, in real life, and what to expect.
  • information about all your birth options-- their risks, benefits, and alternatives.
  • a birth plan that suits your needs and can be tailored to a multitude of scenarios; you’ll be prepared for anything!
  • a handle on when to stay home, and when to get your ass to the hospital.
  • the confidence and tools to cope with contractions.
  • a partner who knows how to support you, and how not to be a douche.
  • strategies for pushing and the assurance that if you’re poopin’, you’re doin’ it right!
  • postpartum recovery tips and a plan for the first weeks home with baby.
  • a community of like-minded new parents.
  • feelings of excitement, empowerment, and readiness…and sore abs from all the laughing.

And this ain't your mamas prenatal class!

It's Granola-Free

This course is more practical in nature and not super crunchy. I solemnly swear to never refer to childbirth as “magical” or “a journey” or teach you that "hee hee hoo" breathing.

It's Not Boring

I know that you want to learn while also having a good time, so I got you covered. I'm all about fun and cheesy games. So get ready to learn and laugh, while trying really hard not to pee a little.

No Pants Needed

Pants? Who needs them, amiright? I bet you prefer to be as comfortable as possible, and sometimes that involves no pants. Hey, I’m not judging…and because it's a digital course I won’t even know!

Want to be a badass birther yet?

You'll get the entire course for only $195.


What's Inside?

Badass Birth Academy provides you with 7 information packed modules that include 7-hours of video instruction and FREE access to [M]otherboard Birth!

The Musical One

This module sets the stage for the rest of the course! You’ll discover details about the cervix that you never knew possible, and get a handle on what to expect during labor.

  • Reproductive Anatomy
  • The Almighty Cervix
  • Stages of Labor in a Nutshell
  • What Will Labor Look Like?
  • More Importantly, What Will Labor Feel Like?

The Practical One

I’m not going to lie, this module is not the most entertaining, but it is one of the most important! We will dive into everything medical in this module.

  • Common Medical Interventions
  • Medical Pain Management Options
  • Induction of Labor
  • Cesarean Births
  • Strategies for Decision Making
  • Tips for Having a Hospital Birth

The Comforting One

Yeah, childbirth is difficult, overwhelming, and a little bit messy. But it’s nothing you can’t handle! This module will give you the skinny on all the tips, tricks and hacks for having a calm and relaxing birth experience. You got this!

  • The Value of Labor Pain-- I still promise not to call it magical or a "journey".
  • Comfort Measures for Labor
  • Movement & Breathing Practice

The Fun One

This module is all about partner support! If your partner was only going to do one module (but of course, I recommend they do all of them) this would be the one!

  • Partner Support Techniques
  • How Not to Be a Douche

The Icky One

If you have a limited attention span, then this module is for you! We learn a little bit of this and a little bit of that, and there are even some ooey gooey pictures.

  • Did somebody say lightning crotch?!
  • Signs of Labor
  • When to Get your Ass to the Hospital
  • Coping with Early Labor
  • Pushing!
  • The Assessment of Your Cervix
  • Hormones for Labor

The Tiny Human One

You gave birth, you rocked it, but now what? This module will give you the run-down on what to expect after baby’s arrival.

  • The First Hours After Baby
  • Your Baby Will Not Be Instagram Ready
  • Postpartum Recovery Advice
  • Conversations About Parenting
  • Breastfeeding Fun Facts

The Birth Plan One

All Badass Birth Academy students get FREE access to [M]otherboard Birth! You read that right, it’s completely free! This is a $50 value, and I’m so excited to provide a membership to each and every one of my students! This amazing software lets you research, create, and share a visual birth preference list in real-time, on any device. In this module, we’ll review how to access the software, how to use it, and how to make a beautiful and customizable birth preferences list!

Hey, I'm Justine.

Your instructor here at Badass Birth Academy.

I've been a birth doula for over a decade and a childbirth educator to hundreds of parents. If it's credentials you are looking for, I have a doula training certificate from CAPPA and a B.Sc. from the University of Guelph.

I am a boy mom, a spreadsheet enthusiast, an ice cream addict and I am surprisingly not a vegetarian. In my down-time you can find me watching bad television (like, shows that are way too embarrassing to admit), hanging out with my sister, and failing pretty hardcore at pub trivia.


And of course there are bonuses!

These some super awesome perks are only available to Badass Birth Academy students!

40-Page Badass Birth eBook

All of the important information that is covered in the 7 modules can also be found in this 40-page digital eBook! Complete with tips, tricks, and much more! Written by yours truly.

Unlimited Email Support

You will have full access to me via email throughout your pregnancy. Ask me anything! Have a picture of goop that needs another set of eyes? No problem. It’s all fair game.

Exclusive Facebook Community

You’ll get access to an elite Facebook group, exclusive to Badass Birth Academy students. Chat with other parents, make life-long virtual friends, and join me for regular live Q&A sessions!

Digital Childbirth Education


Enroll and get strated today!

  • 7-hours of instructional video
  • Free access to [M]otherboard Birth {$50 value}
  • 40-page ebook with all the course details
  • Unlimited email support
  • Exclusive Facebook community
  • 7-day money back guarantee
  • Lifetime access

And hey, you can get the whole course risk free!

The entire Badass Birth Academy course is only $195 and you will get full access to the program right away. I see you, third trimester mamas, binge-away! Plus, you’ll be backed by my 7-day guarantee. I know you have a million decisions to make when you’re pregnant and I don't want this to have to be one of them. So if within 7 days you are unhappy for whatever reason just email me and you will receive a full refund. 


Take it from these happy students.


Still have questions? I've got you covered.

Enroll  for only $195!

You'll get lifetime access to 7-hours of fun and engaging instructional videos, free access to [M]otherboard Birth, 40-page ebook, email support, and an awesome Facebook community.


I cannot wait to teach you all about childbirth!


I’ve been a doula for over a decade now, and a childbirth educator for many years. It’s not uncommon for expecting parents to start my classes feeling nervous and down-right terrified about childbirth. One of my greatest joys is seeing these same parents end my class feeling lighter, excited, confident, and prepared for labor. With the launch of Badass Birth Academy, I get to help parents from around the world to make this same shift, and I’m super pumped about it.

I look forward to meeting you personally inside Badass Birth Academy.


You got this!