Digital Childbirth Education

Without the granola, sugar-coating or fear-mongering. Pants optional.


Badass Birth Academy takes parents from scared to prepared in this no holds bar, tell it to you straight birthing preparation course. By the end of the course, you'll have...

  • a handle on what childbirth actually feels like, in real life, and what to expect.
  • information about all your birth options.
  • a birth plan that suits your needs and can be tailored to a multitude of scenarios; you’ll be prepared for anything!
  • a handle on when to stay home, and when to get your ass to the hospital.
  • the confidence and tools to cope with contractions.
  • a partner who knows how to support you, and how not to be a douche.
  • strategies for pushing and the assurance that if you’re poopin’, you’re doin’ it right!
  • a plan for the first weeks home with baby.
  • a community of like-minded new parents.
  • feelings of excitement, empowerment, and readiness…and sore abs from all the laughing

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Hey, I'm Justine!


I teach parents around the world about how they can have a badass birth experience. I’m a boy mom, a spreadsheet enthusiast, a trivia aficionado, an ice cream addict, and I am surprisingly not a vegetarian.



What can you expect from Badass Birth  Academy?

Digital Childbirth Education


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  • 7-hours of video
  • [M]otherboard Birth
  • 40-page eBook
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Being a digital student means no awkward introductions.


You’ll get all the benefits of your local prenatal class, without the awkward social interactions or time constraints. No more rushing from work to make your weekly class! Get educated about your childbirth options on your own time…pants optional.

Elise K.

"...amazingly engaging and fun!"

Desiree S.

"Justine is kind, compassionate and humorous."

Cristina S.

"...left me feeling totally at ease."